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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Sarah Contradictions: The Shadow of a Smile

Poor John McCain. He finally did it, after so many years of trying. He came back from waaayyy back and snagged the GOP presidential nomination. Then he did it again, choosing an unlikely, but, at least at this moment, compelling (if wicked scary) vice presidential nominee in Sarah Palin. Did he just score a home run, a Hail Mary, a three-pointer, to win the game? The polls are tilting in their favor but we'll see. One thing is for sure: poor old John McCain has been eclipsed by a self-declared "pitbull in lipstick." Now, in all likelihood, the election will be about her: how ready, capable, appropriate and qualified is SHE? How's that for irony?

John, many truths shall be apparent, but one is presumptive: Beware what you wish for.

In upcoming blogs, this humble reporter will be unearthing the truth about Sarah Palin, based on her own record and words. We'll explore her position on women's rights, the environment, religion, and a host of other issues including how she has wielded power during those times when she's had her well-manicured hands on it. We'll stay away from her children, as any respectable and ethical reporter would. Stay tuned and stay open -- the stakes are too high.


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