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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sunday at the DNC

It's nearly 6pm & I'm sitting where I've been sitting for most of the day: at the Denver Sheraton, in the piano bar, grappling with the press officials for more access, meeting all sorts of movers & shakers, & working on my first cartoon. The parties begin in earnest tonight and I plan to attend at least one, despite three hours of sleep. The reason I'm still sitting here is due to the very large amount of equipment I'm needing to carry about: laptop, portable scanner, several trees worth of convention info. This place feels like party central so I'm heading off to unload some stuff, fluff up & hoist a toast or two. Live on CNN is a tornado on the ground not too far from here so unless the universe objects to the gaiety and hopefulness, I'll be around to post tomorrow.

Here's today's toon:


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