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Monday, August 25, 2008

Monday August 25

It begins! I'm parked in Press Pavilion 2, where the 'independent' (read 'unimportant') journalists are located. Outside the sky is dark grey with forks of lightning striking at ominous intervals. Today has not been without its challenges: my Conway Daily Sun business card, necessary for credentials, reads "Peaco Tood" despite the fact that two of us proofed it twice. (There will be an upcoming post about seeing what we want/expect to see as it applies to the peculiar world of politics.) The security folks took away my brand-new metal water bottle (empty) which cost me FIFTEEN DOLLARS! The press working area inside the Pepsi Center is absolutely freezing. No Internet access exists within the convention hall, which strikes me as exceedingly quixotic. Once you get inside the Pepsi Center (shuttle busses take an extraordinarily slow, apparently circular and idiosyncratic route from downtown through what seems to be a swamp and an amusement park) it's the Hotel Colorado: you can check in but you can't leave, at least not until 9pm when all 25,000 attendees will be queuing up. That promises to be fun. And there's nothing, apart from nachos and corn dogs, to eat. But I'm soldering on, despite the fact that I have no cartoon for this post -- my Internet-free afternoon rendered that impossible. However, tomorrow I'll relate my fascinating run-in with some "Pumas" -- women who are still supporting Hillary and have the orange t-shirts and Hillary masks to prove it if not a clear rationale. I'll be heading into the convention for the last couple of hours: Jimmy and Roslyn Carter just stepped onto the stage and I believe we're to expect Ted Kennedy as well. Ciao till then!

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